M/S Ishraque Traders is a specialized company in producing, packing, and exporting farm fresh potatoes. We supply different types of potatoes throughout the year. The types that we normally procure and export are Granola, Diamond Long, Cardinal (red and long), and round Vanilla. Please check out the pictures about our products and how we process and pack the potatoes.

Potato Sizes

50g, 80g, 100g, 150g, 200g & 200g up
Grade-A:      8-10 Pcs Per Kgs or 80 to 100 Pcs Per 10 Kgs Bag
Grade-B:      10-16 Pcs Per Kgs or 100 to 160 Pcs Per 10 Kgs Bag
Grade-C:      16-20 Pcs Per Kgs or 160 to 200 Pcs Per 10 Kgs Bag


Generally, we are doing the following standard packing. Still we can pack as per our buyers requirements.See More Picture..
Mesh Bag:     10.00 Kgs Net Weight and Gross Weight 10.10 Kgs
Mesh Bag:     20.00 Kgs Net Weight and Gross Weight 20.50 Kgs
Mesh Bag:     40.00 Kgs Net Weight and Gross Weight 41.00 Kgs
Jute Bag:       10.00 Kgs Net Weight and Gross Weight 10.10 Kgs
Jute Bag:       20.00 Kgs Net Weight and Gross Weight 20.50 Kgs
Jute Bag:       40.00 Kgs Net Weight and Gross Weight 41.00 Kgs

Quality Control

We are very strict to maintain our quality standard as per our buyers requirements either in Grading, Weight and Packing. We have experienced people to maintain the quality standard. We have some permanent staff members/Quality Controllers are well trained by foreign expert of Agriculture Department of Bangladesh Government. See more picture.. for clear idea about the quality control.

Existing Market

Our existing markets are Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Philippine, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Spain, UK, Italy, and Germany. We are trying expand markets in all over Europe.


We use refer containers and preferable 40 foot. Generally we have been loaded 26-27 MTS in 40 foot refer container set temperature at +5 (plus five) degree Celsius 15% ventilation.

Shipping and Transports:

For the local transport that we are using truck loading per container basis from Rangpur/ Kurigram/ Nilphamari to Chittagong. The truck carrying maximum 14 MTs. Everyday loading afternoon and arrived Chittagong Port in the morning arount 8:00-9:00 am and the same time goods reloaded to the containers from the truck and same day afternoon or next day morning vessel depart from Chittagong to the destination either in Singapore or Port Klang.For the overseas transportation, we use different vessels for different destinations. Mostly we use feeder vessels and other renowned vessels. The vessels carry goods by 4 days to Singapore and 6-7 days to Port Klang, Malaysia.For seasonal vegetables, we use by Air Cargoes in different airlines for different destinations. We use Malaysian Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Emirates Airlines, British Airways, and Saudi Airlines.

How We Execute Orders

At first we communicate by e-mail or fax and offer them goods as per their requirements. Once buyers accepted our price, terms and conditions, then we forward a Sales Contract for their signature. Upon received the signed sale contract, we send acceptance and arrange to prepare shipment as per terms and conditions. We take about 5-10 days time to process and execute orders and shipment.

Export Info

Export Capacity: 10,000 MTs during harvesting period (February-May)

Payment term

The payment term may be discussed, but we preferable accept by Letter of Credit (LC),Document Against Payment (DP), advance TT.