About M/S Ishraque Traders Ltd

  • M/S Ishraque Traders Ltd is one of the best leading agro-based companies was established in 2010 based in Dhaka, Bangladesh mostly dealing with agriculture products including Fresh Potato, Yellow Maize, Green Mug Bean, Sesame Seeds, Sesame Oil and Seasonal Vegetables. We also deal with Raw Jute and Jute Goods from Bangladesh. We are specialized on Potatoes, Sesame Seed and Sesame Oil. We produce process and export Fresh Potatoes and Sesame Seeds and we are one of the best exporter in Bangladesh.
    Please visit our website and closely see our products, if you are interested to buy any of our product(s), please feel free to contact us by e-mail to info@ishraqueagrobd.com or send feedback form directly from our website.


    Bangladesh is one of the best producers of Potato country in the world. We have many varieties and the most common varieties are Diamond Long Variety, Granola, Vanila and Cardinal. The production capacity is quite satisfactory in the country and most of the percentage are consumed locally and still have opportunity to export other countries. Our government strongly encouraged to export agro-based product to the overseas countries to earn export proceeds. Bangladesh is also sound in producing sesame seeds. In our country we produce sesame seeds without using any harmful chemicals or fertilizer. So we have a good reputation around the world for exporting sesame seeds and sesame oil.

    Our Moto

    Our moto is to spread out our products all over the world. It's our vision and mission. To introduce our nation through our products. We have a very deep plan to produce and upgrade our products to compete international market. Now a days the world becomes very much competitive. So we have to work hard to sustain in the market. We implement Halal policies all over through our business. We don't believe in interest - our Company has no interest based facilities from any bank. We always follow exact Shoriah for buying & selling products. Regarding to fulfill our demands, we have a very good team. We have more than 15 employees working in different areas. These people are very much keen and experienced in their professions.

    Our slogan is " Halal food & Halal life ".